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The Large Hadron Collider

10' - English - Français - Italiano - Deutch

An introduction to the LHC and its Physics programme

Audience: all

CERN in 3'

An introduction to CERN

Audience: all


  • English high quality QT (772MB - 3')
  • Français haute qualité QT (768MB - 3')
  • Italiano alta qualità QT (771MB - 3')
  • Deutsch Qualität QT (800MB - 3')
  • Español alta calidad QT (775MB - 3')

  • English flash (41MB - 3')
  • Français flash (41MB - 3')
  • Italiano flash (41MB - 3')
  • Deutsch flash (41MB - 3')


17' - English - French

A sporty guided tour through the CMS experiment, its challenges and a pinch of its physics.

Audience: all

(basic knowledge of particle physics recommended)


trailer 2' podcast

Elementary, Dear Albert

19' - English - preview version

"Back to the Future" meets Einstein. A fiction based on the Theory of Relativity.

Audience: all


trailer 2' podcast


Hunting for Neutrinos

(A Caccia di Neutrini)

What are neutrinos, and how we are going to detect them and study them

Audience: all


trailer 3' podcast (English)

  • Full lenght (42') - English QT (895Mb)
  • Full lenght (42') - English podcast (478Mb)
  • Integrale (42') - Italiano QT (890MGb)
  • Integrale (42') - Italiano podcast (478Mb)
  • VNR (15') - English high quality QT (168Mb)
  • VNR (15') - English podcast (92Mb)
  • VNR (15') - Italiano alta qualità QT (168Mb)
  • VNR (15') - Italiano podcast (92Mb)

CMS Assembly animation

16'30" - English

A step by step animation fo the CMS detector assembly, with comment and music.

Audience: all

trailer 3' podcast


A glance at CERN and its history, on its 50th anniversary - Oct. 2004

Audience: all

The grid

2'51" - French

An explanation of how the grid works.

Audience: all


podcast format

Interviews on Particles Physics topic

Audience: all

Tout à Partir de Rien

(Something From Nothing)

French / English

A trip on the track of the Internet in Africa

Audience: all

  • Full version (25') English MPEG2 (soon)
  • Full version (25') French MPEG2 (soon)
  • Short version (13') English MPEG2 (545MB)
  • Full version (25') English podcast (151MB)
  • Full version (25') French podcast (soon)
  • Short version (13') English podcast (soon)


LHC Flythrough

1'50" - no sound - animation clip

A flythrough over land, then diving underground to fly along the LHC tunnel, and finally an acceleration aside the LHC

Audience: producers




High quality MPEG2 (122MB)



Interview Charpak

on Einstein, in French



low quality RealMedia (4MB)


Le Peuple du CERN

trailer - preview (French only)



Français (86MB)

Film FCM (Felguera Constructiones Mecanicas)

The making of LHC magnets

Audience: technical


realmedia (16.9B)


Software against Malaria

a clip by Informaticiens Sans Frontieres and the AFRICA@home partnership


 standard MPEG (100B)


Mission Amalthea

Trailer for the game of the same name. Save the world by using the GRID to decode an alien message.

Audience: all


video MPEG2 (134B)


World Wide Webcast

"Beyond Einstein" worldwide webcast 12h long saga, involving all major Physics labs and centres

Audience: all

 trailer 3' podcast

Full video webcasts available at:


Some members of the Black Eyed Peas band visit CERN

Audience: all

clip QUICKTIME (212MB)

Higgs field animation  

Electron and quark crossing field .avi (8.9Mb)

The HIGGS boson .avi (4.8Mb)

The Higgs Files (preview)

podcasts series currently in production. Follow our local farmer as he discovers that the LHC is not a cheese factory. Previews only available

Audience: all

 Episode 1: Monsters from Space

 Episode 2: Jaccoud's discovery


.QT (561Mb)

Goodbye my friends

a party to say goodbye to our friends who fed us and healed our brains for over 30 years.